How Can I Resolve Disputes With Buyers

Although trying to resolve disputes, albeit after they occurred, is synonymous to closing the doors after the burglar has fled with his loot. But then you can’t relax with the misconception that it will be the last one you will ever encounter.

Dispute resolution is best done by quashing them before they occurred. And when they occur, you must take it in the right spirit and act accordingly. Here are some tips to resolve various disputes.

Tips To Resolve Different Disputes
To begin with, ebay plays a limited role in dispute resolution as it is not directly involved in the transaction. In addition to this, a professional mediator, ‘Square Trade’ may be approached for redress. Sellers with Square Trade subscription can rest assured about the resolution after reporting to them.

Most complaints will be either about damaged or late delivery or ‘Item Significantly Not as Described Process’. You will receive such complaints from eBay a ‘mediator’ and your response and action will be communicated to the buyer. Include details of your dispatch details and if possible, the reply from the carrier company. In the event of not received or not cleared payments explain it as it is. On the latter issue ask why the buyer thinks it is different from description giving your justification with a view to closing the case. You can offer full refund of money if it is warranted.

You may offer to communicate directly with the buyer through what is known as ‘Dispute Console’. Keep in mind that buyer can escalate his/her complaint to claims. This could be real detriment to your eBay business. The Trust & Safety team has the right to either suspend or restrict your account.

In cases such as you having complaints like abusive and misrepresenting feedbacks, you can either have it removed by mutual consent or by taking recourse to eBay’s feedback removal process. On the former case, eBay removes only the feedback ratings and not the comments. This invariably follows the ruling from a certified resolution service. This may not sound too good for you. You may just want to hide this feedback with all. But you can tackle abusive feedbacks differently in ways that include law suit under ‘Federal Decent Communications Act’.

There is much to pickup from sellers of long standing repute. Study their various policies as they are likely to be the evolved ones over time and experience.

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