August 2007

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How different is eBay Business from Brick & Mortar Business

For first timers hearing about eBay business, it may appear all too complicated. Don’t be surprises if they thought that it was something beyond their comprehension. Occasionally you may find a few people growing apprehensive about it. All these are not because the online business isn’t worthwhile giving a thought to as most of them are brick & mortar businessmen who have grown their businesses the hard way so trying to convince them that eBay can do magic will invariably fall on the deaf ears. (more…)

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Build a Business On eBay

So you have decided to build a business on eBay! It is no surprise looking at the number of sellers overboard there and the vast reach and potential that eBay actually provides instantaneously.

eBay Is No Passport To Instant Success
There could be individual reasons for everyone to get onboard eBay. More than half of them, perhaps including you, already are doing a reasonably brisk business offline and want to extend it online now. They have put their offline business on what I call as auto pilot and have streamlined most as the aspects of routine matter. So they are here as their new found time now is craving to be utilized. (more…)

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