How To Choose The Goods And Brands That Sell

Knowing what sells hot on eBay much before you ordered stocks for the season would see you making lots of money. If you can draw an analogy with an offline garments stores you would wonder how shop owners preorder their merchandise at least six months in advance and still be able to accurately predict the fashion of the day. But this is no magic neither there is any guaranteed formula to assure this.

Hold it! We are on eBay
Don’t jump to the conclusion just yet! Just signing up with ebay will not crack the mystery for you. Looking at many ebay sellers specializing in their niche products, you may be tempted to follow suit. But this is fine, only if you have the similar background as they have and the will to work hard till you hit the goal. It is probably because of this reason that big ebay stores have diversified product portfolio aiming on the overall turnover rather than betting on specific product sales ratio.

Ebay Takes Off the Burden of Guessing
eBay being an electronic medium for buying and selling, has put up a smarter way of predicting, to near perfection, of what sells more and when. The list they make available to online sellers and they call it ‘What’s Hot?’ The seller Central section produces this document which in itself is a gem of a document. The data provided here is more or less ready to be adopted by the sellers. Let’s first take a look at how this invaluable data is compiled, first.

This monthly updated data provides upto level 4 category items. They ensure their predictability by compiling statistics about each item for the past month. Each item appearing in the list will qualify, among others, by
1. surpassing the previous month’s number of bids in the past month by 1%
2. past month’s listings surpassing the previous month’s number of bids by 1.5%
3. achieving a conversion rate of 50% for any L4 item in the past month

The document serves a good starting point which can be built upon with further investigation.

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